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North East Ska

(and Punk)

North East Ska!
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A place to post about Ska and Punk. Shows comming up, Albums being released, Bands you love, Bands you're in, Shows you went to, or anything related to ska or punk music. It's caled North East Ska, so try to keep upcomming shows limited to Northeastern States. CT, MA, NY, VT, NH, ME, PA, NJ, RI. I think thats it. Other than upcomming shows though, it's open season. Email me or IM me if you think of some bands to list on the interests.
21 dead monkeys, against all authority, animal chin, asian man records, bad manners, blue meanies, botar, buck-o-nine, catch 22, catch-22, checkerboard, checkered cabs, choking victim, citizen fish, common rider, dance hall crashers, dancehall, deals gone bad, dub, eastern standard time, easy big fella, edna's goldfish, first wave ska, five iron frenzy, folly, forces of evil, franceska, goldfinger, greenhouse, hardcore, hardcore music, highschool football heros, hot stove jimmy, jamaica, jeffries fan club, jump up records, kemuri, king apparatus, king django, laurel aitkin, less than jake, less than jake., lets go bowling, link 80, low pressure, mad caddies, madness, mealticket, mephiskapheles, mighty mighty bosstones, mike park, monsignors, moon ska records, mu330, mustard plug, my superhero, no doubt, nothing nice 2 say, operation ivy, orange county, pain, parka kings, punk, punk music, reel big fish, reggae, rocksteady, rude boys, rude girls, rx bandits, save ferris, second wave ska, ska, ska against racism, ska music, ska shows, ska ska club, ska-core, ska-punk, skanking, skapone, slapstick, slow gherkin, spring heeled jack, steady ups, stealing from peter, streetlight manifesto, sublime, suburban legends, tap out, telegraph, the aquabats, the bloodshot hooligans, the bruce lee band, the chinkees, the dingees, the eclectics, the flaming tsunamis, the gadjits, the hippos, the impossibles, the kgb, the kingpins, the mighty mighty bosstones, the nuckle brothers, the planet smashers, the rudiments, the selecter, the siren six!, the skatelites, the skoidats, the skolars, the slackers, the specials, the suicide machines, the toasters, the varicoasters, thick records, third wave ska, tip the van, two tone, two-tone, unsteady, voodoo glowskulls, wearing suits, westbound train